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We combine engineering, field experience, and telecommunications expertise to deliver turn key networks that power your SCADA, AMI, and IOT solutions

Max Throughput

Built for throughtput, you can leverage our networks for mutliple projects. From a surveillance deployment to your next technology project and more.

Low Latency

Sub 1ms. Your network has never been faster. Critical data shouldn't wait and it won't have to with our solutions.

Turn Key Networks

Our process leaves you installed, trained and ready to go. We'll have you routing data and your team trained, before our close-out meeting.

a little about us

Our team met while creating the critical network for a utility company. They were tasked with implementing a network which could deliver low latency connections to utility base stations. The final design included multiple technologies such as Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multiple Point, Mesh Wireless backhauls, and a fiber ring. The result was a complex but elegant network that provided multiple redundencies, high capacity, and low throughput across the utilty's 60,000 meter smart grid. The smart network was born.

Everyone realizes that communications systems are complex. Cameras, WiFi, IOT, Mobile Workforce, SCADA, and the list goes on. Our projects are never ending and like all modern projects they require some form of communications. Deploy a single Network and reuse it for your future projects. Ask us more...

Wireless Design

Project Management

Network Engineering

Staff Training

Support and Maintenance

How do we do it

Hardwork, experience and expertise. We're always learning and always working.



We want to know your systems and how you use them. We want to know your problems and your current projects. This is the step where you help us, help you.



We're here to create your network, not sell products. We implement products and designs that are tailored to your needs, not the other way around.



From kickoff to closeout our project manager and install team will be there at every step. Together they will build, deploy and test your new network.



In the blink of an eye, we'll configure, connect and integrate your new network. Leaving you with a turn key solution. You'll wish we were there sooner.

Our Services

DoubleRadius brings together multiple services to create extraordinary value for small and large clients alike.


InHouse Engineers

We conduct path studies, node and network designs, and FCC coordinations.


Single Vendor, Single PO

We work with other vendors to aggregate all the equipment necessary to deliver.


OnSite OnTime

Dedicated teams work with you to deliver on time and on budget.


Do it Once, Do it Right

Testing to prefection. We conduct several acceptance tests before every sign-off.


Knowledge is Power

We package training with our projects providing your team the best practices.


We're still here.

We built it, we'll support it. From config changes to RMAs, we'll assist your team.

Some of our Work

Mouse over for details on some of our solutions.

Substation Backhaul

Throughput: 643Mbps

Frequency: 18Ghz

Deployment Time: 3 Days

Solution:Redudancy, closing fiber network to create a ring.

AMI Backhaul

Throughput: 40Mbps

Frequency: 5Ghz UL

Deployment Time: 2-3 hours per Node

Solution: Connected 10 AMI Collectors across multiple neighborhoods.

Fiber Extention

Throughput: 350Mbps

Frequency: 18Ghz

Deployment Time: 2 Days

Solution: Highspeed data to harbor island without fiber infrastructure.

Equipment Staging

Throughput: 250Mbps - 50Mbps per location

Frequency: 3.65Ghz

Solution: Point-to-FewPoints Base Station and 3 CPEs

Rural Network Backhaul

Throughput: 643Mbps

Frequency: 18Ghz & 11Ghz

Solution: Connected remote AMI base station located atop 1500ft mountain.

Pad and Cabinet Installation

Long Haul

Throughput: 750Mbps

Frequency: 11Ghz

Distance: 21 miles

Deployment Time: 14 Days

Solution: Interconnected two islands over 18 Miles of water.

NLOS Rural Backhaul

Throughput: 20Mbps

Frequency: 900Mhz

Solution: Point to Point connectivity through dense vegetation.

Substation Backhaul

Throughput: 643Mbps

Frequency: 18Ghz

Deployment Time: 3 Days

Solution:Redudancy, closing fiber network to create a ring.

Short hop Connectivity

Throughput: 40Mbps

Frequency: 5Ghz

Solution: Short connection from equipment cabinet to tower.

Rope Access Certified Install Teams

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